Our Service


Pet Habit Promotes peace of mind and security for pet owners by providing a premium behavioral monitoring platform at an affordable price. We provide a product and service with a real time constant monitoring and analyzing of a pet dog’s behavior. The behavioral monitoring can be done through any sort of cameras including pet monitoring cameras, security cameras and even smart phone cameras. Pet owners can have full access to their pet’s behavioral and health condition through our application using their smartphone or other smart devices.

Pet Habit’s application can be paired to any pet monitoring camera available in the market. Through processing videos obtained from monitoring cameras, our platform analyses pet’s behavioral patterns and delivers understandable massages to the pet owner through their smart devices.

Our application monitors pets’ behaviour in order to diagnosis their mental and physical problems through a constant monitoring of the subject pet.  Pet Habit software framework has unique features that make it first of a kind in its market. The novel machine learning technique can detect abnormal behaviour in real-time and can send recommendations about the subject pet’s conditions to the owner. As a pioneer of using AI in studying animal behaviour to reduce pets’ mental and physical issues and increase quality of owner-pet relationship.

our product benefits from various novelties, including:

Utilizing Machine learning and AI platform to learn the relationship between pet behaviour and its well-being. The real-time AI model can be further expanded for covering al domains of an animal’s behaviour and include other pet groups such as cats.

The software application generates recommendations based on a 24/7 surveillance of the subject pet’s life. It can use any type of cameras to do the monitoring, even smart phone cameras can do the job. This help our customers to keep monitoring their pet with low cast and high availability.

The product has the potential to be purchased by all groups of pet owners, especially those with financial concerns. The application has access to a mass data base through monitoring pets. This availability of data base which grows by day helps us to perfect our ML algorithms.